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January 12, 2022

Hi Friends! We are ecstatic to announce that production is underway for our 2022 Century of Song Dinner & Show! After a wonderful Christmas Show season, we are happy to be back once more and look forward to serving you this spring! It was our intention to return to live shows once COVID was a thing of the past, however as this virus continues to mutate and linger, it appears as though it may be here for the foreseeable future. With this devastating blow we remain optimistic that there could be a way to return to things we once loved and enjoyed while still remaining mindful and cautious of this terrible virus, which has stolen so much from so many.

Ultimately, it is our goal to provide the same family friendly entertainment we have in the past, while keeping the safety of our patrons an utmost concern. In addition to following all standard COVID procedures, we have changed our seating arrangements so that each guest will now face the stage and have increased space between rows (new seating chart depicted below).  This will not only allow for better social distancing, but will also enhance the overall viewing experience for each guest. We have also reduced the total capacity which will allow for increased social distancing throughout the experience. We have a COVID policy in place and encourage guests to contact us promptly if they have been exposed to COVID or become ill with COVID. 

We have been praying for our country and the entire world since this pandemic hit, and will continue to do so as we begin this new year. We invite you to pray for us, the cast and crew, as we dive back into shows this spring. We will be doing the same for you, our wonderful Antietam Family. We want to thank you again for the outpouring of love and support over these past 2 years. We truly appreciate you and look forward to seeing you in 2022!

With Love,
Tim and Kristi Rotz and family

Seating chart '22.jpg
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